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Gutter Guard Franchises Available Now

Are you looking to start your own business, and grow it fast? New gutter guard franchise areas are now available across Victoria!

Decided to make a new start?

Are you looking to start your own business and make it grow fast? Grayson’s franchising presents such opportunities. If you have capital to invest, here is the chance to start your own business under the umbrella of an established, unique brand with a proven business format.

The Grayson’s franchise is a comprehensive program. Every aspect of our service is tried and tested and our support is second to none. You will be provided with all the equipment, products, uniforms, stationery, training, systems, ongoing support and most of all, personal development that you and your business require.

Why a Gutter Guard / Gutter Cleaning Franchise?

The world population is changing rapidly, people are living longer and birth rates are falling. The age shift is a global phenomenon, which offers new opportunities for businesses. By planning now, businesses can be certain to position themselves to exploit the opportunities and meet the challenges.

The modern homeowner is becoming less and less likely to maintain their own houses and the home services industry is booming. The maturing population has generated major switches in the pattern of demands. In particular, the mature population will:

  • Rely on consuming more services rather than just goods. 
  • Demand more flexible work practices.
  • Want choices to make their own decisions in life

Gutter Guard and Gutter Cleaning franchises are a fantastic way for you to make a change, and flow with the changes occurring around you!


Advantages of a Gutter Guard Franchise

  • Low Franchise Fees
  • Low Setup cost
  • Smaller ongoing expenses
  • Excellent ongoing support from your Gutter Guard family
  • Powerful Marketing system

Gutter Guard Stock & Suppliers

Grayson’s have set up an efficient and accessible supply system for all franchisees. This means you can quickly and easily purchase all your equipment and supplies from a one-stop shop!

Grayson’s sources and manufactures the best quality gutter guard and cleaning gear at wholesale prices. This ensures the best available products, at the best possible price.

With more than two decades of experience, Grayson’s have carefully selected the most effective tools, gutter guard parts, stationery, uniforms, ladders and products. This means you don’t need to research “what to use,” because Grayson’s already have it for you!

The Grayson's training program includes:

  • Health & Safety training
  • Ladder Safety knowledge
  • Heights Safety Courses with Qualified Instructors
  • Hands-on services
  • Purchasing and gutter guard stock control
  • Quoting theory
  • Phone etiquette
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Administration and book keeping.
  • How to operate our digital apps!

Nothing has been left to chance with our Franchisee Operations Manual. Training is extensive and carried out both in-house and on-site.

The main sections of our hands-on training:

  • Safety on Roofs and Working with Ladders (done in-house, and with 2 separate short TAFE courses)
  • Window Cleaning Training
  • Gutter Cleaning Knowledge
  • Gutter Guard Services
  • Bird Proofing Theory and Identification

What is Franchising?

Franchising means a lot to us, but in this day and age, franchising is really defined by the Australian Franchise Code of Conduct 2021. A properly formed franchise system, abides by the code and forms its systems and legal agreements according to this carefully compiled government document.

Always remember the motto...

"You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself"

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