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fastest growing gutter knight

Steve from the Gold Coast, joined Gutter Knight after his previous work became inconsistent in the ‘manufacturing and roofing industry’ and he really wanted something that was going to be secure, plus he always wanted to have something he could have control over.
Steve does his own sales and installing and has also trained a young guy to help him so he can leverage his time and make more money by doing 2 jobs per day or just having his offsider do the work while he takes time out to work on the business to secure more work.

Steve saw Gutter Knight as his vehicle to become financially secure and have a business he could grow in a relatively short space of time and has quickly become the number 1 franchisee in Gutter Knight by simply following the ‘step-by-step’ systems provided to him.

In month 2 of business, Steve made over $20,000 which is a great effort and that was just working 3 days per week on roofs himself. He also now has a documented marketing and business plan developed specifically for him by Gutter Knight that will have him reach his goals of $30,000 per month in a very short amount of time.