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Who is Gutter Knight

Seeing a big gap in the market for both quality and service Gutter Knight was established in early 2012, providing high quality 'gutter protection systems' for both residential and commercial applications.

Gutter protection systems commonly referred to as ‘gutter guard are used for:

  • Keeping leaves and debris out of a guttering system
  • Increase the guttering system life and lower maintenance costs
  • Improved safety - no need for homeowners or general maintenance staff to climb on to roofs eliminating potential height and ladder falls and accidents
  • Fire zones – used in bush fire zones to prevent traveling burning embers from nearby bushfires landing in inside gutters and igniting any accumulated wastes
  • Vermin proofing - birds, possums, snakes, mice, rats etc
  • Keeping rainwater tanks clean and free from debris
  • and more uses…

The guys behind the Business

With any business opportunity, the most important issue is; who is behind the business? Most franchise businesses the owners behind them have started the business themselves and have learned by trial and error and still learning. Most are good at the 'doing side' of the business but when it comes to sales and marketing which in reality is 80% of any business they have no idea or employ others.

Gutter Knight's 2 owners Brian Brown & David Myles are both professional Business Consultants and understand (and train) marketing and sales processes. All businesses are about sales and marketing don't be fooled by others who say they are not - at the end of the day the 'doing part' can be done by anyone. Gutter Knight is unique in that it is backed by 'Better Business Now' a premium business consulting firm.

Gutter Knight is proudly backed by: